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@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@

Like the rose that blooms in the wintertime
As it reaches up through the snow
The more life keeps us apart
The more love will grow

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@

Weep no more for treasures
You've been searching for in vain
'Cause the truth is gently falling
With the rain
High above the forest
Lie the pastures of the sun
Where the two that learned the secret
Now are one

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Oh, say it's true
Only love can see you through
You know what love can do to you

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Even the place where my heart used to fly
The warm summer breeze
The wild seabirds cry
All are illusions and all just a dream
'Cause all that is real is you

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
So fly little bird
Up into the clear blue sky
And carry the word
Love's the only reason why

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
My heart is not as cold as you can say
My heart is not anything but as the day
My heart is warmed by the way that you love and are gone
My life is founded on the thoughts that we two are just one

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
When the final line is over
And it's certain that the curtain's gonna fall
I can hide inside your sweet, sweet love
Forever more

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Years went by
Time just fell away
Love was worshipped like the sun

The sunrise in the morning
and the glory that was ours
Is captured in a moment
Making love among the stars

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
We're all right
Maybe get lucky tonight
Only lovers feel like we do

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
I hear it in your voice , I feel it in your touch
The love that's in your heart you can control
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
I can listen to the words of love that you gave
When we were alone
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
And as the evening loses colour
Your love began to fade away
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Every door you open closes on me
I don't know if I can survive
Knowing part of your love was lies
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
It was only a winter's tale
Just another winter's tale
And why should the world take notice
Of one more love that's failed?
It's a love that can never be
Though it meant a lot to you and me
On a world-wide scale
We're just another winter's tale
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@

Two lonely people
Can mend a broken heart
Love and you'll never fall apart
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
'Cause out on the ocean of life, my love
There's so many storms we must rise above

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
As time goes by
Love will wash us clean
Let love bring to us our freedom
And we will sing of the heroes
And fly on the breeze
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
In the garden of her love I'll stay awhile
To be, to be
What the seeds of her thoughts once mean to me
Come see, come see
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
if we dare to dream of Paradise unseen
It might come true
And if you stand by me
I swear with all my heart
I'll stand by you
I dream of my destiny, my days in the sun
To live in the garden of our love
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
There's a place, a secret garden
And when the day is done
We lie among the grass and flowers
Underneath the sun
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
The indestructible has broken down
The undeniable is turned around
And I don't care my love
I just don't care
I love you
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
The unbelievable has all come true
I love the changes that you've put me through
And I don't care you see
I just don't care
I love you
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
It's just the kind of day
To leave myself behind
So gently swaying
Through the fairy-land of love
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
To those who lack the courage
And say it's dangerous to try
Well they just don't know
That love eternal will not be denied

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@

If you're into romance, baby
Love will find a way
And if you're into dreaming
Dream with me
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Just what is happening to me?
I lie awake with the sound of the sea
Calling to me
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Only want your love
Only want you by my side
Only want to be
Want to be with you
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Watching and waiting
For a friend to play with
Why have I been alone so long?
"Soon you will see me
'Cause I'll be all around you
But where I come from, I can't tell"
Watching and waiting
For someone to understand me
I hope it won't be very long
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Steal away the darkness
Take me home tonight
I love you for the beauty
In our lives
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Who are you now?
First love of mine
If you could see
You'd reach out for me
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Who knows what the morning brings us?
The moment of truth, the power of love
I know where the future leads me
It's leading me back to you, my love
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
When the breeze between us calls
Love comes and lingers into our lives
And the leaves begin to fall
You point your finger at me

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
In the sadness of your smile
Love is an island way out to sea
But it seems so long ago
We have been ready trying to be free

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Take the love you've given all away
Take a part of me
You've gone and changed the world I see
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Once beneath the stars
The universe was ours
Love was all we knew
And all I knew was you
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
You want to take a lot
By love, by law or stealth
Time's the only real wealth
You have got
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Time waits for no one, my love
No, not even you
You thought you'd seen it all before
You really thought you knew

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@

The summer sun always shines when you're with me
I feel its warmth in the love that you give me
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
The dust of many centuries
Has blown across this land
But love will not be scattered by the sand
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
It's a new world
It needs somebody to love somebody
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
It's there for us to know
With love that we can go
Burn slowly the candle of life
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
We're alive and we're awake to the world
And with the gift of love we're blessed
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
The world is a lonely place
But I soon found out
That love was the saving grace
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Everybody's wearing out their tongues just talking
I think they got nothing much better to do
They say you're looking for love and all
Somebody strong and dark and tall
Or maybe it's just love that's a-lookin' for you

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@

I fell in love
On a cool clear night
Where the grass was green
And the moon was bright
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
We'll sail away
On a wave of love
Let the four winds blow
From heaven above
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Let me love you
Love you tonight
You'll see that I'm right when I'm saying
That love has brought us this far
You know that we are getting nearer

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@

You told me our love was eternal
Eternity's such a long time left to go
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
And when I tell you that I'll always be around
I'll be around
And when I tell you that it's true love that we've found
That's what we've found
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
But just in case you're wondering
What was really on my mind
It wasn't what you took, my love
It's what you left behind

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@

With your touch of love
in this Autumn world
The Sun was bright
The songs were heard
With October skies
You brought your love
But November came
Taking all I have
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Every time I feel I'm losing my way
The power of your love remains
I want to touch your love
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Well I've had dreams enough for one
And I've got love enough for three
I have my hopes to comfort me
I got my new horizons out to sea

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@

Seems even Love possesses Treachery, too
But how can love be cruel?
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
I let love slip right through my fingers
And I watched it drift away
But still I had to say
What was written for me
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
And if you say that you'll be mine
Then all the stars will shine around us
Love will surround us
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
So if you see me on the street
No need ask me what would please me
It's your love, believe me
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Like a bird on a far distant mountain
Like a ship on an uncharted sea
You are lost in the arms that have found you
Oh, don't be afraid - Love's plans are made
Don't be afraid
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
The harder I try
Seems the further I fall
The deeper my love seems to be
And I know that I
Never doubted at all
That someone was waiting for me

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@

Is there a truth that finds you out?
Is there a fear? Is there a doubt?
You know there's one thing you can't live without
Eternal love
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
And now as we look behind
To see the road of life
Turning to the ones we love
Salvation is in sight
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
I'm turning all the answers inside out
Looking for a love that reaches out
Of the fire into my heart

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@

Words that you say when we're alone
Though actions speak louder than words
But all I can say is I love you so
To drive away all my hurt
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Like a sun through the trees you came to love me
Like a leaf on a breeze you blew away...
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Wish I could be in your heart
To be one with your love
Wish I could be in your eyes
Looking back there you were
And here we are
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Isn't love strange?
A word we arrange
With no thought or care
Maker of despair
Each breath that we breathe
With love we must weave
To make us as one
You know it makes me want to cry
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
My only comfort is the love we shared
And as I walk through this world
With sadness everywhere
I've had my share
And forever more
I'll be haunted by your love
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Lean on me
I'm everywhere
Wherever you look I'll be
Forever yours
The northern lights
The southern cross
I'll give to you
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
I know that heaven waits
For those whose love is true
I want to be there when
The age of love is come again
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
I'm living in the hands of time
On the wings of love
On the edge of night
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Quietly waiting for someone who'll know why
The price of an hour of love's so high
Oh, I do, oh...forever to be alone
Where is the Eden that you've dreamed of?
Try to believe it's all come true
Then you can say that you're in love...
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
I may not always love you
But as long as there are stars above you
You never need to doubt it
I'll make you so sure about it:
God only knows what I'd be without you
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
I just can't believe that I can see love dying
My whole life is fading, slipping, stumbling, sighing
Please...don't say that it's all over
Please, I can't face the world without you
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Hearts that are broken and love that's untrue
These go with learning the game
When you love her and she doesn't love you
You're only learning the game
When she says that you're the only one she'll ever love
Then you find that you are not the one she's thinking of
Feeling so sad 
And you're all alone and blue
That's when you're learning the game
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
I will drink the wine while it is warm
And never let you catch me looking at the sun
And after all the loves of my life
After all the loves of my life
You'll still be the one
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
(Noches en blanco
Que no tienen final)
Y te amo
Sí te amo
Como te amo
Como te amo
@->->~ ~<-<-@
(Notte di luce
Una notte infinita)
Io ti amo
Si, ti amo
Quanto ti amo
@->->~ ~<-<-@
And I love you
(Io ti amo )
Yes, I love you
(Si, ti amo )
Oh, how I love you
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
When you stop and think about it
You won't believe it's true
That all the love you've been giving
Has all been meant for you

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@

The places I've seen
And the roads in between
Make me wonder why
I'm searching for my dreams up in the sky
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
You touched the dream that was in your eyes
You took so long only to realise
No one else can love you like I do
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Somewhere there's a reason
There's a reason why
Why love has to falter
Why love has to die
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
The truth may be hard to find
But then love is blind
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
When your love is on the run
Don't fall apart at what's begun
It's just the healing process
Of your heart
When your dream has lost its course
Don't waste your time closing doors
You'll be the last to know
When love has gone

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
So I'm writing to tell you just what my feelings are
And just to say a sad goodbye to you
'Cause I want you to know
How it feels to have no tomorrow
To have nothing at all
When the one you love is untrue
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
It's a long, long highway
But don't make the start on an empty heart
When you think you've begun
Let the road of life lead you to someone, someone
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
How much longer must I travel on
Looking for someone to help me sing my song?
How much longer will it be?
I need to find someone. For the love
From me@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Somebody tell me you love me
Somebody tell me you care
I've got a heart full of giving
Going nowhere, going nowhere
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Live for the moment
'Cause life is worth living
Love will surround you
Sooner or later, oh
Sooner or later, oh
We'll be walkin' on air
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Just because it's raining here
It doesn't mean the sun isn't shining
Somewhere else for someone
You have loved
But who's not near you anymore

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@

Love is out there waiting for you
Wearing no disguise
Nothing left behind closed doors
It's right before your eyes
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Oh heart, you've learned your lesson
Love is not obsession
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
I could tell you about my life
And keep you amused I'm sure
About all the times I've cried
And how I don't want to be sad anymore
And how I wish I was in love
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Pain, sorrow, tears
Long, lonely years
With love having passed me by
Nights, winters, years
Pain, sorrow, tears of mine
Cannot hold me now
I'm a fool to fall for you
But here. In the morning light
Tell me how can love be wrong
And feel so right?
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Don't care what people say
We live to love another day
Don't throw your love away
We live to love another day
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Everywhere I go I feel the love
Washing over me
I just can't get enough
I hear it in the music
That's coming down through me
I know there's love between us if we only set it free
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
Love is the shield
When you're fighting
With your back to the wall
And if you turn around and walk away
You're never gonna lose
'Cause Love conquers all
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
If it's love, love will come
Knocking at my door
I do believe it now
Sometimes less is more
@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@
All around on the wind
Distant whispers of what I bring
In the day, in the night
Locked in the words of lovers delight
If I'm lost or mislaid
Keep on looking, don't be afraid
In the eye, on the mind
I'm everywhere and yours to find
I'm not far, close at hand
I'm in you for I am Love.

@->->~ ~<-<-@  @->->~ ~<-<-@

When we go, we never return
'Cause there's just one lesson
That we got to learn:
Wherever you go
Whatever you do
Whatever you say
Say, say, say
Say it with love.


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