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I don’t even remember how we ended up in some hidden janitors corner, but all I could think about was how sweet and desirous his kiss felt. His hands all around me… caressing my back and my hips… My legs never felt so weak. He was a bit hesitant to touch my ass but I knew he wanted to. It made me even more turned on. And then we heard HER voice. Calling both of us. He gently pulled back, took my hand with a smirk on his face and I couldn’t help bursting into laughter as we came out of that dark corner. She checked us with that stupid mistrustful look of hers, crossing her arms.
- Where you two had been?
I giggled.
- Just playing around. Let’s go to our mansion?
Marilyn didn’t responded but I could feel her irritation crawling up my back like some bugs.
As we sat down I couldn’t resist running my hand trough his big athletic tight. I have to say I really appreciated those boxer shorts he was wearing. Marilyn didn’t seemed to notice that, but there was something else that was bothering her. I could see she was out of place. Is it us she was worried about? Did she finally put two and two together? I will admit it made me a bit nervous, but in the same time that tension was somehow thrilling. Suddenly Daniel jumped from his seat and went over the cabinets, rummaging inside. He then came back with some glossy and pretty looking pouch.
‘’It’s for you’’, he stretched his arm towards me.
Is this some kind of joke? It must be. I laughed awkwardly and took it from him. I opened the pouch and saw all kinds of glittery sparkling make up stuff.
‘’Wow, this is so amazing…’’. I hesitated before asking him if he actually bought all of this.
‘’Of course I did’’. He was slightly offended.
Then I though to myself, did he really just gave me a present… and didn’t gave anything at all to Marilyn..? I heard them talking in the background. Marilyn’s obnoxious voice. Even if you can’t understand a word she says you could feel the meaniness of it. Daniel’s voice, always soft and kind as he is, trying to put down the fire. I couldn’t focus and listen to what they were saying because my mind was too busy contemplating everything that just happened. I also couldn’t shake off the feeling of his hands on me and his tongue in my mouth.
‘’If you were my husband, I would kill you! ’’. Those were the words that finally reached me from the depths of my own thoughts. She spitted her venom as a fucking snake that she was. Daniel just stand there looking at her, probably being confused on why is he getting so much unreasonable hatred and such a bad treatment. I knew the answer but I wasn’t up for a discussion. I could destroy her at this very moment. No, not phisically of course. She’s not worth it. I could shred her into damn pieces, tell all the truth to her face that has been piling up on my heart like stinky bags of trash. I had this amazing feeling that from now on everythings gonna change. I could read it in his face. Daniel was done. He had enough of this selfish little bitch. He didn’t said nothing and just left.
So here we are, just two of us left. Our eyes met but I quickly looked away. No time for sentiments. I had to make a desicion and I had to make it fast. If I’m being honest I already knew what I am about to do but I won’t lie, there was a microscopic piece of unwillingness inside me. After all, we had been friends for so many years and that meant something. But I had to choose between him or her… and my choice was him. So I got up and run after him.
‘’Hey… Daniel! ’’. I had to catch my breath.
He turned around facing me.
‘’You left. ’’ I stated the obvious.
‘’ I don’t want to hear any of her insults again. ’’
‘’But you left me too. ’’
He lowered his head.
‘’I’m sorry. I didn’t want to. ’’
‘’Do you mean it? ’’
‘’Absolutely. ’’ He smiled.
‘’Those things you bought me… You know you didn’t had to? ’’ He was about to say something but I stopped him. ‘’I don’t need all of that stuff. ’’ I held his face in my hands, drowning in his eyes, and whispered: ‘’All I need is you. Nothing else. ’’
He beamed as he never did before and took my hands leaning for a kiss. He held me so tight that I could feel his dick growing hard.
Again… I don’t remember how we ended up in the athletes changing rooms and how we stripped down naked but I sure remember the taste of him and the feeling of his penis inside of me.
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