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The Lord spoke: „If you need strength, I‘ll give you strength. If you need love, I‘ll give you love. I‘m giving it to you all the time. All you need to do is to receive it. Receive it now. Right now. I love you. I care for you. I‘ll do anything for your eternal fulfiled joy with me in Heaven.

        You say you need more money. Is the amount, that you have today, not enough for you to live this day and the next day? Why do you need more money? What you gona do with it? Spend money on what? Where? For which purpose? Is it only for yourself? For your needs? How big are these needs? How important? Where have you put your heart in? If it‘s not in my arms, not in my hands, then where is it? If you declared that your heart belongs to me, then why haven‘t you given it to me? If your heart belongs to your money, wealth and financial safety, then where am I in your daily life? Do you need me? Or do you want to do everything on your own without accepting my help?
        Are you happy? Are you filled with joy, lasting more than 24/7? Or do you feel the lack of something? Aren‘t you a bit tired of doing all this on your own? Do you ask yourself such questions? Do you ever stop just for a second to consider the way you‘ve chosen, the decisions you‘re been making all the time all day long? Do you ever seek more than just living in this material world? What will happen to you if it just pass away? What will you have and where will you be? Do you want to be with me – your Lord an your Saver – or do you want to be alone?

        Fulfil your nature to be a bride for the Groom and prepare for the wedding banquet. You are the main quest. Don‘t miss the invitation! Stop living like there‘s nothing more than your own problems in your short period of created time in this phase of life! You are made for much greater than that! You are made for much higher purpose! Your own value is invaluable and indefeasible. You are the greatest treasure in the whole universe! It was worth to die on the cross for you and to resurrect, bringing the resurrection to you, my beloved son and daughter. I want you to live. And I want you to live in the eternal happiness and everlasting joy with me.

        You are not alone. You don‘t have to be alone. You don‘t have to strive for your life like there‘s noone who could actualy help you to keep you alive. Trust in me. I am there for you to take care of your all true needs. You are my beloved treasure. You are the creation of my love and I‘m passiond to be with you and for you. When you cry – I cry with you. When you are hurt, I am hurt too. When you‘re lacking something or someone, I‘m there for you to be with you and to take care of you. You are my child – my greatest creation of love. I‘m full of love for you. I am giving myself to you. I am Love and I give myself to you so you could know, what the true Love is and how can you love someone. Learn from me – I will always help you. I will always be there for you.

      Seek more than this world. It‘s just a creation for you to live in. But it‘s not the everything I wanted to give to you. There‘s much more. There‘s more than you can imagine. Seek for that more. Seek with your spirit. Seek with your heart, but don‘t ever forget, that it matters a lot where your heart is“.
2019-09-02 20:54
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Šią informaciją mato tik svetainės rėmėjai. Plačiau...
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2019-09-07 19:59
Gyvybės Nešėjas
Am I? Jesus Christ is the highest Priest and this text is his from his Holy Spirit. I could not wright such words on my own.
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Geras Blogas
Blogas komentaras Rodyti?
2019-09-03 20:32
Reminded me of O. S. Marden text, but good, thank you
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Geras (1) Blogas
Blogas komentaras Rodyti?
2019-09-02 20:59
are you a priest?
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