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Dark room. Young Woman sitting on a chair. There is a jug of water and a bucket  next to her feet. We can see the shadow of a baby crib in the far, dark corner. Woman slowly appears, she sits on a chair next to Young Woman.

Woman He left?

Young Woman Yes

Woman He left already?

Young Woman We don't know
There was silence
Then the door slam and then some more but different
                        silence from the one before
Then you came in
And here we are.

Woman Is it asleep?

Young Woman He.

Woman Is he asleep?

Young Woman Yes
He will be for some time then as we know it will begin again
I think that is why He left

Woman That is not why He left.

Young Woman Maybe it is maybe it is not
The second the sun reaches horizon he starts.
He must be afraid
What is there to be afraid of?
How does he know when it is time? That's what I'm
                        interested in
You can't see further than the length of your arm in here

Woman In this case I think we should just leave it for now.

Young Woman Yes let's leave it for now

Woman He really is taking His time with this one
He should have taken it by now (they look at each other)
                        He, He should have taken him by now

Young Woman No! It can't be time it can't be time already

Woman But it is my dear and to be honest it is quite over due

Young Woman Already? But he's not ready

Woman It is ready (Young Woman looks at her with disgust) IT is
                        ready and IT is already over due
It has been seven weeks.

Young Woman Seven weeks? Already?
You are right it is time

Woman It is time.

They sit listening to silence

Young Woman Do you ever wonder what He...

Woman I do not
There is nothing to wonder about and frankly it is quite
                        Doesn't acquire much imagination to figure it out.

Young Woman Simple?

Woman Yes, simple.
They come
They go
They suffer.

Young Woman And you call this simple?

Woman I did not  said it is easy
But yes indeed
It is quite simple

Young Woman And us?

Woman What about us?

Young Woman Is our life then simple too?

Woman picks up a jug of water and spills it on Young Woman's face. She collapses to the floor.

Young Woman (in despair) Why are they the ones to suffer?
I love them
So dearly
Every single one
My heart has chambers where I lock them
I remember the square smile of number one
Little curl that goes down the forehead of number eleven 
Seventeen had big ears
Twenty three would roll around and suck on his toes
Twenty five that didn't make it
Twenty six twenty seven eight nine nine..

Woman stands up and approaches Young Woman, she tries to comfort her then slaps her face.

Woman They suffer because they are being punished.

Young Woman Punished for what?

Woman They
And there is no simpler but greater sin than weakness.
My nature makes me pity them sometimes and so I pity
                        them every now and then
At times I even get tempted to comfort those pathetic
                        beings but I stop myself before I commit this act of utter
It makes me want to throw up. 

Young Woman You talk to them with such disgust I can not believe that none of them have touched you

Woman They are SOMETHING else.
Every time you think of them and care for them you
                        betray who we are. The day is coming when you'll learn
                        that they all are one and the same thing. Their politics of
                        life is an enemy to art of our nature. One could and should
                        live without each other but by mare chance we got stuck 
                        in this together doomed to exist beside one another .

Young Woman You are cruel and wrong.

Woman You miss His company? You wish He would be here right
                        now? (she laughs) Don't answer waste of words. Did He
                        ever even talked to you?

Young Woman I don't wish for His company, I wish for them.

Woman Well there is that (points to the baby crib in the dark
                        corner) also another on the way.

Young Woman You think?

Woman Yes
It's started to show.

Young Woman No it can not be  (approaching the Woman)
Touch it
We can't know until you checked it.

Woman (Bluntly) It's all firm and hard and it shows.

Young Woman I don't think it does show.

Woman It does. You just got used to it so now you have to
                        concentrate to see.

Young Woman (Sitting down) Yes, you are right
My belly used to be so flat my stomach almost touched
                        my spine
Look at me now

Woman I am and that's why I say that you should be cruel to Him
And them
With me.

Moment of silence, wolfs start howling in the distance. The Woman listens, Young Woman stands up and starts rubbing her belly.

Young Woman Something is not right.

Woman Was it ever any other way?

Young Woman I can feel it
Sucking my blood from inside and it's not like it use to be
Something isn't right
Something isn't right something isn't right I tell you.

The Woman walks towards Young Woman, she touches her belly, she kneels and touches her belly again. She stand's up and takes couple of steps to the side.

Woman Take it off.

Young Woman Is it..?

Woman Take your dress off I need to see

Young Woman takes off her dress, Woman looks at her from all the sides. The cry of a baby in the crib.

Young Woman (Suddenly putting on her dress) What will we... What will
He is coming back
I can smell it
He's miles away
He's coming
When He gets back
He will see
What will we do? What will I do?

Woman It can't be it can't be it is so rare for this to happen it can\'t
                        be that

Young Woman But it is
I know you know it is
You never touched my belly twice before

Woman sits down, wolfs howling in the distance. She looks around her face fills up with terror.

Young Woman He's coming He is coming I can smell it

Suddenly Woman breaks an empty jug to the chair, pics up the biggest piece holds it in her hand tightly, she starts to bleed. She stands up and suddenly runs towards the Young Woman. She stabs her belly and covers Young Woman's mouth with another hand. Quite scream.

Woman We have to be cruel we have to be cruel together.

Sudden door slam, Wolfs stops howling.

Woman I can smell Him
I can smell

Sound of the footsteps, darkness.
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