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Best Car is Mustang and no other car must be better then she is. Some time passed and I changed my mint to better. Corvette must be the one I ride to horizon.
Car is for fools like me, friends told me that I must buy bus ticket and ride with cheap slow pricks by bus. It is truly black day for me if I agree.
My teacher tech me to be polite so we must change next I wish to say.

I have Ferrari but dream to be simple fellow. My dream is the one, my best friend Golf. I could putt all my golf balls to properly designed trunk. It is also beggar proof and cheap girls sometimes digs in to it. Chunk of kebab must ride with my car I could swear and nobody makes selfie with me. I could become no one, just a speck in the traffic.

My friend Arnold once had a Hummer and he liked it. I liked it too but my tank was better and crushed his Prius more dramatic. It was made like a scene from a movie.

I like my Tesla, she sits gracefully in garage and sucks electricity thru some hose plugged in to her socket. I don't even know how to drive it. My friend Bill knew but he long gone. I never so him after testing auto pilot mode.

Maybe after some time I will remember more....
2019-05-05 20:54
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2019-05-06 02:09
who cares
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