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Dark room. Young Woman shivering in the middle of the room. Young Man enters from the back. He's holding an axe and a very big branch of wood. It looks freshly cut, there is blood on the wood and hands of a Young Man.

Young Woman I knew what you gonna go out and do
So I nicked your tobacco pouch and ran into the woods
Moss around my feet I wondered for miles
I could run away from your presence
Deep in the woods surrounded by nothing but shadows of leafs running through the bumps and cracks of my whole being
I sat in the middle of it
Imagining that everything is painted white
Grey smoke
Coming out from the bottom of my lungs and belly
I prayed for your soul
Then I ran into the town
I noticed a farmer with the crate of fruit walking up the hill
And I felt as if we ware one
Carrying something
Running out of air
The struggle for what its worth is all the same

Young Man Ką aš padariau?

Moment of silence, we notice an Old Woman weeping slightly off centre.

Young Woman And yet
Something bigger than my entire self
Dragged me back into these chambers filed with nothing but smell of your sweat add all the regret for reckless reasonings
And I can't breath
Can't breath

Young Man drops the branch. He comes down to it and starts cutting off the smaller pieces. He puts them into a bouquet and ties it with a dirty handkerchief that he found in his pocket. We can hear the cry of and Old Woman. Young Woman is sightly shivering as if of fewer.

Young Woman And everything
That ever happened
Under these
They all walked here all
The kings
All the peasants and all the prostitutes
Anyone that could of walked did so
All the filth
Disgust surrounded by darkest evil and the brightest souls Mixed into river grey
Covering everything like smoke
Where we gonna walk?
Where will we walk now?

Young Man takes the bucket form under the table. Silence. He puts bouquet of leafs into it and leaves it there to soak. Sound of Old Woman weeping.

Young Woman I think it is a mater of great importance
I truly believe that it is
To know
To surround oneself with knowing
It's an art
But all you can do is arti
Is it not?
I shall not move from these chambers filled with the smell of your sweat and all the regrets for reckless reasonings
Spread my roots deeply
In silence stood still as an oak

Young Man picks up a bucket, he approaches Young Woman. He unbuttons her dress. It falls to the floor. Young Woman grasps for air as if she wants to say something of great importance. Young Man covers her mouth with his hand. He takes the bouquet of leafs from the bucket, holds it in the other hand, he slowly goes up and down her body with it. Suddenly he whips her. Silence. Quite weeping of an Old Woman that was heard through out stops.

Old Woman Aa aa pupa
Kas tą

Young Man suddenly grabs the Young Woman

Young Man Ką aš padariau?

Old Woman Aa aa pupa...

Young Man Ką aš padariau?

Young Man starts whipping the Young Woman. His movements start to establish a rhythm of some sort. At this point Old Woman and Young Man are speaking simultaneously.

Old Woman Kas tą pupą supa...

Young Man Ką aš padariau?

Old Woman Aa aa pupa kas tą

Young Man Ką aš

Old Woman pupą supa

Young Man Padariau ką aš

Old Woman aa aa...

Young Woman absolutely still, as an oak. Sound of her being whipped. Lights slowly fade. Darkness.

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