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Same, dark room. Young Woman chained to a Young Man is sat on a chair. Young Man is naked he is kissing the woman

Young Woman Sometimes I fell like I am going to burn to death (Pause)
Like flames are uncontrollably dancing in my wains
Not like the wave of heat that you get when you look at
                        something that excites you
Certainly not a shower of running embarrassment that
                        makes your cheeks turn to strawberry red
Not even the burn of liquor going down the throat
But burning flames
Like open fire
Storming fields of everything that is alive
I could really do with a drink
Not that it would help
The heat would burn it out in seconds not leaving a
                        chance not even for mare pleasure (Pause)
Kiss me here

She gives him her hand. Man kisses her hand and then carries on kissing where he pleases.

It was different when we smoked
We drank loads of tea too
To fill in the gaps revealing lack of passion with well
                        mannered chatter
That's why we never drank together
Out of fear of disappointment
This whole place is to blame that we turned out to be
Kiss me here

She points to her neck 

The greatest ideas and the most grand plans of order
                        taking turns as if dancing like no one is watching
And you would think that the whole world should be
For what it matters I think it is watching only so it
                        wouldn't have to care for other things
Minding your own business is so out of fashion
Some of us have it sorted better than the others
Compensating for each other
It is a dance of contradiction
Beautiful dance
Kiss me here

She tries to wrap herself around him

We never danced
Yet again being cowardly to see what it is that is actually
                        going on
And now
I despise you
Your endless weakness makes me want to throw up
Pathetic is the only word that comes to mind when I think
                        of you
Kiss me
Kiss me
Kiss me
Kiss me there
Kiss me where I want to be kissed

Long Pause. Young Man is kissing the Woman with growing intensity. He kisses her from her neck all the way down to her toes, changing the rhythm this carries on for a while. All of the sudden woman grabs onto his hand. 

Can you hear
Shh (Pause)
They are coming
Stop kissing me
They are coming
I can see their fire glimmering from a distance
They are almost here
Stop kissing
They will come soon and bring the end of us with them
Then we'll both burn

Wolfs howling in the distance. Woman’s eyes starts to move around searching for something, her body is absolutely still. Now she speaks in a manner that resembles a prayer or a chant.

And I'll turn into a tree
A huge tree
Such a huge tree that I will enter pleasure grounds of all
                        the gods
I will turn into a tree and such a huge tree that in those
                        grounds my shade will cover all the gods
I will be a tree a huge tree such a huge tree that I will
                        drink the whole of sunlight of the world into my leafs
And I'll be forever living as a tree such huge tree that new
                        worlds on my leafs could start to breed
I am a tree a huge tree and such a shame that you can't
And you will turn into a clover
A little clover
Such a little clover that you'll get lost in the whole
You will turn into a clover such a little clover that you
                        won't sober up from sunlight not even when it's gone
      And you will be clover such a little clover that you won't
                      have space not even for the spirit of your own
      So here you are a clover such a little clover and only I can

Sounds of wolfs howling. Young Woman starts to laugh uncontrollably, young man kisses her with growing intensity. Lights slowly fade. Darkness.
2019-02-06 23:45
Į mėgstamiausius įsidėjo
Šią informaciją mato tik svetainės rėmėjai. Plačiau...
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2019-02-14 07:19
such a huge tree which you god planted for all pleasure
be happy valentine
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Blogas komentaras Rodyti?
2019-02-07 23:50
dabar madinga meilė, kai senelė suvilioja jaunikaitį.
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