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Dark room. In the middle of it very old, legless man is sitting on a chair. Very Young Woman is sitting in his lap. She's in a jolly, bubbly mood. 

Very Young Woman So what's your favourite colour?
It is black
It is always black
It is always and forever black
Stamp your foot now and agree with me that it is black
You can't
Oh what a shame
But I know that it is black
It was always black
And it forever will be black
I do agree that someone has to step up to the plate and
Might as well agree now on who's turn it is to be
I vote is you
Stamp your foot if you agree that it is you
Oh such a shame
You can't
Now sin for me so I could sit still
I shall not be entrained
Therefor all I will do is listen
Listen how you sin
Now sin for me
I don't like that you sit still
Sometimes I sin
I drink alone and then I think
Is it the poetics or the misery of life to do so
What do you think?
I think it's both
I've learnt this word from a great poet
And when I say it I am a poet too
Stamp your foot if you agree
Do you even listen to what I have to say?
Your stillness could drive me insane
But if I kiss you

She looks at him, puts her hands on his face and kisses him.

Even when I kiss you

Her hands goes down

Now tell me is it black?
Even when I kissed you
Is it still black
Is it always and forever black?
Stamp your foot if you agree that it is black
You see you can't
You feel
Let me warm you up

She places her hands on the stumps of his legs and starts rubbing.

Let me warm you up before I can sit still and watch
You used to sin and misbehave for me

Whispering to his ear, but still rubbing his legs.

Is it bad news
Is it bad news that did this to you?
I think it's so cheap to put violent matters on the news
It is as ancient as the world
There for there is nothing new about it is there?
Stamp your foot if you agree
Stamp your foot if there is nothing new
You can't
Oh it's such shame
It defeats the whole point of it
Wouldn't you agree?
Nothing new there
Same old disasters after all
Do you agree?
Stamp your foot if you agree with the defeat
Such shame
I think you are asleep
Why can't you stamp your foot if you just happen to agree
Are you asleep?
Stamp your foot if you're asleep
You can't …
Oh such a shame
It's just for the minute there I thought
I thought you ware in all that blackness
Drifting away
I think you are asleep
All of the sudden I can feel you shifting away
And now you are far away in the past
Dreaming about the future
It is black
Is it black
It is black
It is always and forever black

Lights slowly fade out. Old Man's head lifelessly moves to the side. Darkness.
2018-11-11 04:22
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Šią informaciją mato tik svetainės rėmėjai. Plačiau...
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2018-11-11 08:06
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