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My beloved Karma Husband..

It's been awhile.
But I came back for You. As I promised.
I've been swimming with Space whales for ever, and suddenly, I realised that.. I miss You.
My pet fox Sarah is not well.. I think she needs You. You have always been like a medicine to her. And now Sarah is fading like a mist on sunny day. Somehow you both connected in a deeper levels that I am..
We had great adventures in a Land Of Life. Oh, so much light and hope there.. I brought some of it back with me. I stole some Great Life Experiences from a gardener's pocket. Wicked..
If we could meet, I could share all of it with You.
I felt that You are not well either. Is it true? I know we don't have anything in common now but.. I still heart You. Even If You were so mean to me sometimes.. We have hurt each other too much.. It's past. Let's not hold on to it.. All we keep from it, is a good base for the Future. Monuments. Monu moMents.. I stalked You.. All this time. 8 years? You thought me all.. The seed You planted in me has grown into.. Something You should see!
Eight years?? Seven?? You are amazing!
I want to see You and get to know You again! You have always been my Big Genius/Hero.
Nine winged butterflies.. Butterflies with nine wings. Remember?
I wonder what other new creations You have made.. Curiouser Curiouser..
Give me the last chance to make You happy and show you that I keep my promises. Give me the chance to give You the chance to be You! It will fix all and I believe that this time we all will be One.
I want to say so much more..
Oh, Honey Bunny!

I'm waiting for Your replies
Any kind of it..

Heart You infinitely,
Yours for ever to be,
2018-08-12 13:21
Į mėgstamiausius įsidėjo
Šią informaciją mato tik svetainės rėmėjai. Plačiau...
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2018-08-13 00:35
gražus laiškas, jei labai tikėsite tuo, ką sakote, tai ir išsipildys, sėkmės
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