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Kokia graži nuotrauka... tik aišku ji man asocijuojasi, ne su Loriu ir Eime ( man apskritai gal norėjosi, kad tas susituoktų su Bete), bet....tyliu tyliu..Gal norit pasižiūrėt į ką nors linksmo? Kadangi man kažkas sakė, kad mano kūrinys verstas iš engl, tai aš jį rimtai pabandžiau išversti į engl (vertėjo pagalba) Voila:
Šiaip vertėju verčiu tik japoniškus tekstus, bet dabar matau, kad ir tų teks nebeversti, nes "nei minties, nei sakinių, nei kablelių, nei brūkšnių"...paskui nebeaišku, ką žmogui siunti

2010-10-07 12:29
Norint komentuoti, reikia prisijungti
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2010-10-07 12:30
ups, pagavau, kad jum nieko nesimato...tai aš jį nukopinsiu čia:

Sisters Dormer
The Chapter I
Brother's death is universally recognized as a negative event. Never mind that the whole do not know his brother assured round-preservation. In particular, it was necessary septyniom sisters, six of which have been adopted and published in one of the same father, a daughter of another man.
The first silenced Estela Martin concludes that more than a week on the grill almost unknown human worth.
Fransina who wanted to lead as well as everything calmed down.
Aneta neliūdėjo at all, but were hysteria, she liked the ferry hysteria.
Katherine failure to carry out in my head but then thought that her brother because sielvartauja and cried.
Emai or wanted to bury the soldiers and it will be very upset when they did not.
Charlotte has had time to tell the whole town, as he was brutally murdered.
Mother sincerely mourned, but not the stepson (E. Dormeras was married three times, for him there is something wrong with my head)), and the daughters of the house and the future. Although more of the home. As the father was also dead, the house, according to hereditary male line went to France. Ms Dormer of time for his turn came up with one of his daughters. Chief Fransina mother was the trustee of the old days, so her marriage ran. Charlotte was a great beauty on such a small manor of the Counts owner Estela refusal (refusal to nurse came screaming and hand overshot (Aneta said that her health is ruined for life)), and his mother realized that Ema, Aneta, and even Catherine's request is not feasible it was decided that the time series to marry Lydia.
Lydia about to finalize the time to read Romeo and Juliet, and not really know what is going on the site. It is therefore puzzled when the room įvirto Fransina mother.
- Brangute, you will soon marry.
Is my prince on a white horse still neatjojo.
- What prince? - Surprised his mother, married to his cousin Francis.
-It is not love at first sight, but the planned marriage.
- It is a well-spoke fails to understand Sister Fransina, you will be rich.
- Run only for true love
His mother and elder daughter susižvalgė.
- Well Cut off thy hair, though
- And what if the prince wants to get in through the window?
-What it appears when we have our stairs? - Tried to show interest in Princes šnekom Fransina, although it is not very strong.
- He wants to turn romantic, faraway Lydia. - I susirišiu hair and stick flowers in them ... - Said, dreamy voice. His mother sat on a chair, Fransina klestelėjo directly on the floor.
His mother and sister (when kuriom) asleep Fransina discussions with Katherine about the potential Lidia happiness. Catherine said that they both will be very happy.
-Em .. Well I heard it but very realistic.
Fransinos sister blocking strands of hair behind her ear.
-Our sister as the only and necessary .. It tittle .. naive
-In addition, occupies a high position in society ..
High-status, high status, high position ... Sleep-over linksniavo Aneta.
-If it prikelsim we will ...
The sisters quickly lie.
The next day came the famous cousin. As the future bride's mother has been banned in wilderness escape, that sat and stared at one point. Ms Dormer gaikčiojo and then ran, and Estela read his favorite book and tried to imagination, that it is not very concerned about young men. Finally, the coach stopped at the house and Aneta began to shriek hysterically.
_Gana, Quite apsiraminkit. Katerina slope before and after Charlotte Lydia, so you pabrėši its beauty, Estela, padėktą book .. They are coming!
21 carriages of the young man got out and bowed gracefully
Honey-aunt, a very Sorry.
Dormerai, sir, at your service
-I would like to introduce you to my best friend, a very handsome carriages got out of a pensive-looking young man, Sir Henry and his younger brother, Sir Eduard, a young twenty-bowed without a word. Meanwhile, Henry kissed a friend's aunt's hand, and inquired about the beautiful Francis cousins.
Let me introduce my-daughter-mother-susinepatogino kindly Fransina Miss Dormer, Miss Charlotte Dormer, Miss Katherine Dormer, Miss Lydia, she noted, Dormer Dormer, Miss Emma, Miss Estela Martin Dormer, and the girl Aneta Elinor Dormer.
-I was shocked, bowed to Henry
Edward commented on anything, just caught a look of Esteli, and Francis as soon as his convenience inspect the house.
"This guy do not waste time in vain" - Fransina thought, I wonder how my sister live with him. "
Entering the house of Francis soon caught the eyes of an ancient vase. Charlotte sutratėjo as noted:
She-dragon as a beautiful cat, or the piano-happy as her mum has left us, and your grandfather. Look what widgets.
Co-or grandfather? - Francis said after receiving an opportunity to intervene.
No, no, grandfather, and vase-pout-Charlotte offended but if you're such an ass and ..
It silenced Fransinos scorching gaze and against your closed lips.
-My sister wanted to say that this house has a lot of valuable daigtų .. - Intervened Estela
-I believe-sincerely welcomed Francis Therefore, here I am.
Friday-will-ball over from this than from the tarstelėjo Emma, with soldiers ...
And they began to Charlotte prunkšt, and laugh at žvengt its own voice. Francis despised wrinkle your nose, you have not tried juokaut Henry, Edward and completely failed to respond. Fransina came and both of them shout at smb.. Since then Henry started Fransinos Dormer phobia .. The biggest problem was to sit down at the table. Henry does nesisėdo to Fransinos, but Charlotte was not possible from iškrapštyti galustalės. But this mother board has brought some benefits as far as Francis was sitting at Lydia, and a terrible surprise when her hair combed Estela fork stuck. True heir once more looked the other to Charlotte, but after a couple of soldiers with the excesses, it lost all of his attention. The end of dinner, all guests were invited to Friday's ball. " Obviously Francis was honored to Ipatinga, and his mother allowed him to dance with one of her daughters. The permit clearly entered a permanent buzz, and exclusion of Exit through the door. When Francis reiterated maybe the tenth time that will be dancing with Lydia have finally been able to get out.
-She did not iššeiti you out the door, only managed to Edward's brother came.
Well, maybe a bit over-and .. but it wants to retain his house. And since the wife and I have to, we can agree with it. Well, as they jum?
- I will not hide, they are all beautiful, except perhaps the drovuolę Catherine. Although ... even if that Charlotte is renowned for its beauty ..
The brain-also-burbtelėjo Edward.
-Well, brother, but something you had to leave an impression.
- The Estela, or as it is called. She fascinating creature.
- It is her vestum pradžiugintum Mrs. Dormer.
-Where did not. She would prefer your marriage to Lydia.
- Do you agree to Lydia?
-I do not know, but her mother is really so.
Henry fallen on the bed and took a book of poetry:
- I would recommend the one that looks like a prostitute, and while you get a wife and child.
It seems to me, like Francis Fransina.
-No, I just jumped at the Henry-it-like wild cat, saw as its poor rate at smb. Sisters. I probably will have to come to you nebeeiti guests.
- Then Aneta?
-Brother, you will never find a good wife. Did you see how it aikštijasi to the table? Irritable, and išpaikinta. Catherine Sell.
She, too, attached to the house. Lidija cool. I will try to forget today 'as it is by immersion at a dinner in the sleeve butter.
Yes ladies Dormer wish will come true without much effort.
(More later, but now it hurts his hand)
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