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2022. 08. 29.
20: 23 h

I write this as I’m sitting on my windowsill and listening to the last birds of this evening. The summer is ending yet for some reason I feel this immense sadness. Does everyone feel like they are leaving a piece or two of themselves in these three months? I am sure that I am. This summer was the best one I ever had, maybe that’s the answer. I feel bittersweet as the days merge into one another and start getting shorter. I try to enjoy the remnants of the summer but I can’t stop myself from wanting it to end.

This one was different and I can feel it in my bones that these three sun-soaked months have changed me. I’m going to miss eating berries from my garden for dinner, early and bright mornings, and warm evenings.

I am sure that this sticky heat and sweaty days won’t be missed. I won’t miss them. And I’m sure others will not, too. You know those incredibly hot days where your legs stick to every chair you’re sitting on, where your hair sticks to the nape of your neck because it is that hot. The days when the heat penetrates every room of your home and all that is left to do is go and lie down on your bathroom floor. Or stick your head in the freezer.

So, dear summer, you were very good to me. Most of the days I was dying from the sticky heat but some days I spent with my best friend or my girlfriend. Those were the best ones. Every time we hung out, I came home overwhelmed with love and gratitude for them. Even though I feel bittersweet and sad, I’m very happy. This one was truly a good one. Special. I think for the first time in my life I’ll miss you, Summer.
2022-08-30 17:49
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2022-09-06 11:50
Dienoraščiui čia. Ne kūrinys.
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2022-08-30 18:35
primityvus teksteliox, bet vis ne kacapiškai

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