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Room filled with smoke, two figures sitting, facing each other, with their faces turned from the audience. They are smoking and having a drink. Sounds of distorted music. 

Moralist I think we all need to change and I am quite persistent on my views.
They say 'You can not run away from yourself'
You can't change the situation you are in, but you can change your reaction.
They say 'You can not run away from yourself'
So find a place somewhere where you can be who you are.
We are going where we should not be.
We belong in the middle of the food chain not at the top.
We should be doing different things.
Difference between East and West is in reasoning for control
In the East it's discipline and in the West it is politeness
Therefor being a woman takes a lot of patience
It is knowing that you have to look at this world, and see the play ground filled with “little boys”.
They play, while you do your growing up business.
You grow up
Watching them play and can do nothing about it.
Every once in a while you achieve something
And it is never simply celebrated
It’s always discussed in an official manner.
Which is weird, because what do “little boys” can know of discussion?
All they know of are demands and tantrums.
2019-05-30 06:06
Į mėgstamiausius įsidėjo
Šią informaciją mato tik svetainės rėmėjai. Plačiau...
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2019-06-04 19:28
Julija Mėčiuvienė
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