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Dark room. There is a table and couple chairs in the room. There is a jug and couple glasses on the table, an old bucket is under it. A Young Man walking around as if looking for something, we can hear his loud footsteps echoing in the room. Young Man calmly.

Young Man Idi syuda zhertva
Idi syuda!

He listens. No one answers.

Young Man Idi syuda zhertva
Zhertva idi syuda
Idi syuda!
Zhertva zhertva

No answer. He looks at the table. He walks around the room, we can see irritation in his face.

Young Man Zhertva ja...

He gets cut off by a female voice from above. 

Young Woman This thing was going on for about a month

Young Man perfectly still. 

You said "Why do you enjoy what we do?"
We have a secret
This thing
That we do
And we do do everything

Young Man looks around trying to understand where the voice is coming from

Young Man (firmly) Zhertva idi syuda

Young Woman So there was you
All suited up and ready to drink
And there was a part of me too
Wondering worrying acing with lust
Let's talk about war 
Let's talk you said

Young Man Idi syuda
Syuda syuda!

Young Man's desperation is growing, he starts rubbing his hands anxiously.

Young Woman They should bring back ground troops
I say
Let's spread love 
And legs 
And open books
God has died
Has been killed some time ago
And all my heroes said "Let's make some art let's spread some love" 
I spread my legs and it feels good
We should only proceed with actions that makes us feel good

While Young Woman is speaking Young Man is slowly loosing control of himself. His body starts twitching. Now Young Woman and Young Man speak simultaneously.

Young Woman You wish to say you are nice not like the rest but nice is dull so painfully dull

Young Man Idi syuda

Young Woman If I spread my legs will we spread love

Young Man Nu syuda
Idi idi

Young Woman I don't want to talk about war anymore. 

Young Man keeps repeating himself and reaches almost tantrum like state. He reaches for the chair.

Young Woman You are not a mare distraction
My dear
You are

Young Man suddenly picks up a chair. He is absolutely still as if frozen in time. Figure appears in the back.

Young Woman Perfect proportions you have
Someone should paint you
I've never seen physique like this before

Young Man's hand holding a chair starts shaking, the rest of his body is perfectly still. He tries to repeat his phrase but no sound is coming out.

Young Woman You do not pray to God
I am your God
You pray to me

Young Mans hand holding a chair is now shaking heavily, we can see his lips moving but no sound is leaving his mouth. Sound of wolfs in the distance. Man starts to weep, his hand holding a chair is shaking more and more, it resembles some kind of possessed physicality. Lights starting to fade, we see the figure approaching the man. Young Man suddenly drops a chair, a cry, darkness.

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