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Slowly circling the streets of hometown,
Bathed in neon lights,
I count my heartbeats...
Breathing twilight,
Devoured by a premonition of the dark,
In falling night,
I drink my coffee from a paper cup,
And somewhere in the distance I can hear,
A quiet laughter of an angel...
He saw a smoking star, caught up and trembling,
In the webs of cloudy skies...
So he just laughed,
And dived the air,
And it rained with stardust seeds,
From his phosphoric aqua eyes.
I shiver...
I think, the beggar sitting up the wall,
on the street corner saw him too,
because he didn't even notice
the large donation in his lap,
left by a passerby, to ease her heavy conscience...
I think of you...
Trying to fill the empty spaces in,
Between the dark of night and racing heartbeats...
While I throw out the paper cup,
I see the webs of clouds get torn,
By scorching pain and heat
From smoking embers of a star,
And wet confetti flakes of rain run down the air,
On their silver, glasslike feet...
And I end up now watching the tired angel,
Walking down the street,
His wings are dripping,
Drenched in water from the darkened skies..
He is trying now, somewhat annoyed,
To catch a cab back up to heaven,
Away from cold and leaky night...
Passing the blinking neon sign of 7eleven,
I feel the earth crust slowly breathing,
Fire down below...
While thinking of the dark reflections
In angelic eyes,
I'm  drifting,
In his phosphoric stardust glow.

©Copyright Ieva Rasmussen/Auksinės Akys
2019-02-12 11:59
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