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Darkness. A sound of sniffing. Lights. Same dark room. Young man sitting on a chair, his head is hanging so you can only see his chin. He's gently shaking. He touches his head, shakes. He sits up straight. He finds a box of matches in his pocket, plays with it. Takes a pouch of tobacco from another pocket

Young Man Il était une fois
Un garçon et une fille

He starts rolling a cigarette

Young Man Le garçon demanda
Quelle est ta couleur préférée?

He sparks a match, looks at the fire then flicks it. After a moment he lights a cigarette smokes for a moment and puts it down. 

Young Man Et la fille dit ''vert'' et le garçon dit ''bleu''

The Old Woman enters carrying a tray. She places it on a table  and leaves. Young Man lifts the lid revealing the raw piece of meat. As more light fills the room we notice a Young  Woman in the cage, at the back corner of the room.. Long silence. Young Man transfixed with his plate.

Young Woman If I tell you now
You won't believe me. (Long silence)
So you just gonna sit there and look at it? (Pause)
I suggest you get started

Young Man touches the meat on his plate, we can hear him begin to whisper

Young Woman Your commitment is what I admire
Great shame you wasted it on such a peculiar thing

The whispering of Young Man becomes clearer.

Young Man Il était une fois un garçon et une fille. Le garçon demanda:
quelle est ta couleur préférée? Et la fille dit ''vert'' et le garçon dit ''bleu''

Young Woman You came from behind
There was a reflection of you
Right on the window
Just before my eyes
Smile perfectly fitting in the ornament shapes of the glass
Like served on a plate
The smallest detail
When I looked at your palm it looked exactly like this one
If I tell you now you won\'t believe me
We agreed not to do this what kind of man doesn't stand up to his word?

Young Man Il était une fois
un garçon et une fille
Le garçon demanda
Quelle est ta couleur préférée?
Et la fille dit ''vert''
Et le garçon dit ''bleu''

Young Man starts eating the meat, Young woman shakes something off.

Young Woman Shadows on the wall
I could swear that it looked more real than your faceless touch warming my back
How can you be sure you were real when you were never real and that's what made you more real than that light breeze than the roofs and the moon than the smokes you blew along my cheek your dick pressing against my ass all less real will shatter into bits

Young Man Quelle est ta couleur préférée?
Il était une fois
Ta couleur préférée

Young Man finishes the plate, he licks it and sits back. Absolute silence. Young Man takes his tobacco and rolls a cigarette. Young Woman slowly decays to the floor, she lies down.

Young Woman Not going to offer me one? (Pause)
I could hold it next to your lips
You could blow the smokes trough the side of my cheek and you could
If you chose
To be real

Long silence. Young Woman stands up, she finds a handkerchief in her sleeve.

Young Woman Now clean that blood before I tell you
I admit I have great passion for aesthetics
The way it runs down the corner of your almost perfect square is if I dare say vulgar don't expect admiration for these kitsch kitchen scenes
You will listen to me
Can you hear me?
Can anyone
Listen listen when I say
I need you
I ache for you

Young Man slightly moves his head

And I don't

Suddenly as if hit by disgust and anger Young Man runs to the cage. Young Woman stands still amazed by his actions. He grabs handkerchief from her hand, reaches for her throat through the bars and wraps it around her neck, her body pressed to the bars, back to the audience. We can hear her grasping for air. Lights starts to dim, Young Woman gasping for air, darkness.
2018-11-12 10:55
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