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He wakes up early today

Throws on a mask that will alter his face

Nobody knows his real name

But now he just uses one he saw on a grave

He thinks that faith might be dead

Nothing kills a man faster than his own head

He used to see dreams at night

But now he's just watching the backs of his eyes

He pretends, he's okay, but you should see,

Him in bed late at night, he's petrified.

Take me out and finish this waste of a life
2018-03-03 18:43
Į mėgstamiausius įsidėjo
Šią informaciją mato tik svetainės rėmėjai. Plačiau...
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2019-05-21 15:07
Well this is not your poem. It's a song called Trapdoor by Twenty Øne Piløts. So please stop stealing and respect other people's work. Thank you.
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2018-03-04 00:16
You shouldn't use "might" instead of "may" in this case... Especially considering "may" opens a whole new range of possibilities (the month for example (: ). A comma doesn't justify the lack of an article in "He pretends that he's okay". The text, overall, is very depressing and juvenile. Not that it's a bad thing. Or good, for that matter (:
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