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Sneaky bastard she once said to me,
once upon a time to end it with me.
Hello my old friend sorrow and grief,
i'm gladly receive my best belief.

Struggle is my middle name, oldest of friends,
my life ended yours just start to begin.
Try to make up your tears with a rain,
pain will pass, i will guide you today.

Pain color - black, red is heartache.
stops your mind and makes you numb to the pain.
Touches your soul and force her weep,
she is so sensible so dramatic so weak.

Take me to better place - I shout in a rain,
i believe where is paradise I seance it with pain,
True is becoming misguidance to me,
we are so sensible, god dam it at las i'm free.
2017-06-25 21:54
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