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In the hollow darknes there was no soud. It was quiet. Only hallogen lights were flickering dispersing hypnotizing calmness. The passage reminded one of those institutions where those, who went nuts  were kept. Maybe it‘s because it was psychiatric hospital.  At the end of a paggasethere was huge iron barred doors. Some of wards doors were made of soft material, with a little window in the middle. People awlays were horrified of places like this. They said, that in those kind of institutions something wrong are going to happen, only the mad all around, dangerous to society hybrids propagates there. From the moment when you get there, if aren‘t already out of your mind, eventually, you‘ll become one of them. Just another vegetable trapped in the human body. It‘s obviuos, that you get there to get treatment for your illness. But, it isn‘t always turns like that. Sometimes it get worse and you stay captive for the rest of your life with daily prescription drugs doses that can pull down even a horse.
At the end of another coridor, right nex to this one, a women with white medical smock were walking. It was middle agaed nurse named Larisa. Her shift wentto an end and she were going to personals exit. Larisa were working at this hospital for more than thirty years, right after she finished nursery school. At first, she was really sweet, idealist, compassionate nurse, who wanted to help those, who dealt with mental health issues. But after more than a few years working with those, who were sick she started hating her job and those, who were around. Understanding, sympathetic nurse turned into cold, mumbly, cruel middle aged medical sister.
It was around elever o‘clock. New Orleans psychiatric hospital‘s hools were empty. Patients were in their wards sleeping because of sleeping pills, that were given to them in order to sleep better. At the watch post a few medical nurses were sitting, working their night shifts. The hospital drowned in the silence.
-Ssshh, don‘t even make a sound. - Told a young man while opening wards doors. – Come with me.
Two human beings  quietely ran out of onr of many wards. They were rushing through the passages in the darkness, so no one could see them.
-We‘ll pass watch post and then turn left. When we;ll be at the right wing hoolway will go at the end of it we‘ll take the stairs to the top. I want to show you something. It‘ s really important.
Two shadow people passed the watch post. The nurse were sleeping tightly while TV were on. She were watching one of those classic british crime shows. The young man and his passenger tiptoed grey hoolway of the right wing and reached it‘s end.
-Stay here and watch that no one would come here.
The patient took of his already used slippers and barefoot walked at the top ofthe stairs. He put his right feet on the first stair. His first step were a little timid. When his feet touched cold cement stair and his hand iron staircase cold elecrict wave ran through his body. It was bad feeling that disturbed him right that moment. It‘s like something‘s bad are about to happen. He was afraid that they‘ll get caught. But he pushed those felling away.  It was just another out of many times when didn‘t took the pills and ran out somewhere quite to be alone. They were young and in love with each other. The onlu thing that remined them that it‘s not one of those banal love stories is that they were at mental hospital. No one had to know  about theirs feeling to each other. Overwhise they‘ll get in trouble. It was their darkest secret. Righ from the moment they‘ve met they knew that it“s true love. From the first touch the boy felt how his imagination is filling with erotic fantasies, leaving his body glowing after it, infecting him with lust and exploding him into million pieces.
-Nothing bad will happen. – Thought a young dirty blonde haired man named Drew Willis.
When it was left just a few steps till this cold, solid wasteland will end he looked again at the love og his life. He never felt more alive when he stared into his soulmate eyes  It looked, that his lov opposite than Drew isn‘t afraid of anything.  Drew Willis were at the end of the stairs when he put back on his slippers. After it he moved near the door of childs depatment section. It was closed long time ago, because presises were invaild for patients to live there. They tried to renovate the lodging, but the hospital didn‘t had enouh money and at the middle of renovation  workers had to leave and renovation were never finished.  It took a few seconds while Drew opened the doors with sharp subject.
-Now yo can go.
The acompless also took off their dirty slippers and walked the same cold as ice stairs to the top. When it feets metthe cement stairstheir body also were permeated with shivers, but it didn‘t affected them at all. The patients were walking through aboned child‘s section coridors, shimmering through the corners in the dark. Willis pulled out little pocket flashlight and lighten up their way to the end of the hool.
-I want to show you something. I found it last night.
They turned left. After a few steps they‘ve reached their destination. On the cabinet‘s door there were hanged the sign „Sections chief“. Drew opened the doors.
-Only after you.
-Oh, Drew, what a gentle man.
When a fellow walked in Drew immidiately closed the door. He quickly ran next to chief‘s table and opened the last drower. He pulled out some kind of thick package.
-We‘ll play doctors.
He unwraped plastic tissue. Inside there was medical instruaments for surgeries.       
-I wonder what sections chief did with this.
Companion walked close to him
- Well, maybe because he knew how to play with patients. Maybe he liked fun, perverted surgeries. – Seductively told Drew‘s darling.
-So, let‘s play then? I‘ll be the patient and you‘ll do the surgery to me.
-Let‘s play.
They gor away into another room.
-Okay, I‘ll go to bed – surgery‘s table, and you‘ll get ready for the surgery.
Drew lied down into a bed with white sheets while the second lover picked up medical supplies. Then it calmly came beside Drew.
-Now, my lovely patient, we‘ll begin the surgery. Expect lots of pain, suffering and agony. Excact the same shit as this filthy world is. But, with a little spice of lust, passion and intimacy.
    It gentely forced the scalpel through boys cheeck.       
-Do you want liver, lungs or heart?
- Soul.
-Poor, dumed, little soul. Oh, Drew, life is so unfrair. Such a young man like you is worth of luck, freedom, to experiece wild adventures, true love and passion. Not to grow moudly in this dirty trash place. But no one can change that. Oh, don‘t be sad. I can help you. The question is, if you want my help.
-I would do everything to escape from here.
A little soft smile showed on boys lover‘s face.
-Great. Then you wouldn‘t mind if we‘ll begin.
-Begin what?
-Your liberation, dummy.
Drew though that it‘s just another love game there they‘ll have sex.
It crambled over the sheets and Drew‘s body. It wildly kissed Drew‘s lips and then bucked down blue button shirts, that Drew were wearing that night. It‘s lips electricly went down from Drew‘s lips to his chest. A gentle, but passionate kisses made Drew feel like he‘s in paradise. For the first time in his life, he felt love that consumed him, danger that gave him extasy, and kisses all over his body that drove him out of his mind. He never thought that in such a horrifing place  he‘ll find fire of his lions, a light of his life, a legendary love.
-Drew, honey, this is my promise to you. – Passionate lover stoped kissing Drew‘s chest and looked into his green as emerald eyes that were sparkling from every thouch of them. -  You‘ll be free.
They‘ve slowly draw with scalpel over Drew‘s neck. It was such an innocent way  to give their lover a little danger and passion. It looked that Drew enjoyed everything that they did to him. It only draw Dew‘s passion to burn more brightly. The person that were over Drews bodypulled their hands towards his pants and fastly bucked up the belt, then undid the zip and draged his pants down. It move palm of their hands through his underwear stimulating his wild desires, touching his the most intimate parts. Drew felt how his body gets tighter. Even more, he knew, that this is more than just another time having sex.  This time, it was more special. He felt it. But he didn‘t knew why. And he didn‘t cared. They were gazing into each others eyes.  Drew grabed their hands and drove his lover closer. Their lips were just amilimetreaway from another. They couldn‘t stop staring into each other‘s lips and thining about the taste of them. It tasted like everything you‘ve ever wanted. Like a sweet, spicy torturing in hell by the devil himself. They‘ve felt enormous fire in their veins. Even though their touch were light as a feather a wild fire burned inside and destroyed them in the most beautiful way possible. At that moment their souls colided. They‘ve become one extratrrestrial being. While Drew were mesmirized by a moment he didn‘t even felt how a shard scalpel‘s blade cut cut his throat. He didn‘t even maked to say a word then a dark, red blood started running right out of his mouch. He felt how slowly the blood drops from his veins.  He smelled the agony of upcoming death. At that moment Drew didn‘t cared about anything.  He just stared into the killer‘s eyes. And drowned into their infinity. While taking his last breath he forever disapeared in the grace of those magnetizing, but poisonus eyes.
-Now you‘re free, my love.
The killer gentely kissed Drew lips for the last time and carefully closed down, now without even a spark eyes.           
-Goodbye, Drew.
That cold blooded sociopathclimed off of Drew‘s dead body and quickly strolled straight to the genitorsroom. There was lots of cleaning supplies there and a few tools of construction workers, who never finished reconstruction of children‘s department section. Firstly, killer took one of those tools – A medium saw. It got back to a room where Drew‘s body were laying down in the puddle of blood. It tooka trophy that will alway remind them of Drew. Then, they got back to the genitors closed and took a few cleaning supplies. The killer was smart. It cleaned their fingerprints all over departmen.
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