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Dusted streets of Harlem
Oh how much I love them
And here comes the rain
She walks alone again
Wet dress
It’s not a success
But for a start
A little decent
Oh she’s a heaven sent
But she just doesn’t know
That I wanna play my future
With her somehow
There she walks
With sunglasses on
Even when sun
Is already gone
High heels tear
Me inside apart
She doesn’t have a clue
What they do
To my heart
Raindrops stream down
Her pretty brown legs
My eyes beg
My hands would be
The wind
In her dark as a coal hair
Nobody haven’t told her
I know where I can find her
Where she’s gonna go
Late this eve
So I want to believe
She won’t turn away
From my hand
Inviting just for a dance
That she’s gonna stay
So fancy
As she does today
Despiting thing that
I’m in trouble
I’m just a white jack
Maybe she’ll be humble
Maybe she’ll talk
With sweet words
On her lips
And make me first
On her list
2017-02-01 15:00
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