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“Trampoline chronicles”

It’s amusing when one person lays down while another one is jumping because the first one is levitating and thinking: I’m flying! BANG! Ouch, it hurts! I’m flying! BANG! It hurts again… (it works when sitting to, but there is no pain and when you close your your eyes adrenalin is producing).
It’s not funny at all when birds poop on trampoline and you need to tear off a leaf from a hazel, spit on it and then clean all the mess…

Trampoline is designed to have fun and for sport facilities (and you can find new friends with it). But when on trampoline are jumping two people it’s like fight for your life because you can’t control height, direction or force. It’s like Russian roulette, if you miss the right time to jump you already are flying from trampoline. It’s not funny anymore (or maybe it is, for that who is still alive) (no, actually it’s more fun for both).
Trampoline can be used for gathering apples from the tree too, but it’s another topic.
Thank you, for being with our show “The truths of Perrys life”, topic: Russian roulette on trampoline. and I haven’t told you how we were jumping three at the same time on my birthday (I twisted my leg).

As seen on: http: //bit. ly/PerrySore
2012-03-29 16:11
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2013-01-28 19:41
wha ;o
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