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‘If I could inherit one thing in this world, I would inherit your body. If one chance was given to me, I would use it to seduce you. ‘
(Source forgotten)

‘… and thus without sin. ’
(Fra Dolcino)

I then was a candle a sad thin candle from the most glorious wax a candle with no flame until I met him until my eyes opened my legs opened on the mount Rubello burning was all we knew melting was all we did I was crowned with flames when he went my bones were full of his seed and his seed was lava I wanted his back I wanted his shoulders his testicles were forbidden fruits they grew on his tree and I climbed at the top I slipped to the bottom I let the roots grow in I begged for blossoms and more Margaret Margaret I didn’t realize what it was that sweat of the heart that precious salt in my mouth on the mount Rubello secretion was all we knew flesh to flesh fire to fire secretion was all we did like all Margarets I was made for it Margaret of France Margaret of Master Margaret of Dolcino I was the first one ashes to immortality flame to a conflagration 1322 I wanted his elbows I wanted his legs his semen was an arrow a bow was divine saint Sebastian kneeled in front of my wound which was the river of lava and I devoured each fiery drop I swallowed the sparks hot rubies were cure from plague his testicles were the rubies his absence was plague I begged for blossoms and more Margaret Margaret I didn’t realize what it was that dance of the blood that crystal pepper in my throat on the mount Rubello it was all
2010-08-03 21:30
Į mėgstamiausius įsidėjo
Šią informaciją mato tik svetainės rėmėjai. Plačiau...
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Balsų: 9 Kas ir kaip?
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2010-08-06 17:30
kietai čia :)
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Geras Blogas
Blogas komentaras Rodyti?
2010-08-04 00:47
Savitai gražu. Nepasaldinta, atvira, vulgaroka. Patiko. Tik šiek tiek sunku skaityti be skiriamųjų ženklų, nors tai gal šiektiek sukuria tą tokį lyg ir kalbėjimą alsuojant.
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Geras Blogas
Blogas komentaras Rodyti?
2010-08-03 23:56
stiprumo yr.
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Geras Blogas

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