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Lisa couldn't stop thinking about HIM. She just met him yesterday. Before the meeting she thought she new him quite well. From tabloids and newspapers. And she remembered when she met him when she was just a little girl. She couldn't re-call much from these times though, but one thing she realized today, that she was wrong about him all these years .
Yesterday she decided to meet Michael Jackson, because she knew that he is interested in her. She had new recording on the way, so the only thing on her mind was to impress him with her music and make him help her to promote it. She didn't expect much from him as a man, although she liked him. They met at the secret location - just to avoid paparazzi and unnecessary press. Just friends in a nice restaurant - good food, tasty wine... she wore a nice red dress. She knew that it brings out the best parts of her body - she looked slim and sexy in it. When Lisa arrived at the place, he was already waiting for her at the table. Waiter was so exited and nervous when he led her to meet him. Michael looked like a real superstar. Dark clothes, hair nicely done, beautiful smile...
'Hello', said Michael and kissed her hand. He was gentleman after all. Lisa could barely remember when was the last time, when such a handsome man kissed her hand during their first meeting. - 'I hope you do remember me form the past. I look different now, but I still like you very much' - he smiled again.
'Hi, - she blushed against her will, - „of course... The thing is, I changed a lot since then as well. So don't worry. And I like you too.
She didn't know that this man will have such power over her. She suddenly felt like one of his fans. Hyperventilating, fast heartbeat, shaky hands. She tried to stop it, but it was unbelievable difficult to hide. He was charming and shy at the same time. Sexy, but very gentle with what he says or does. He liked her a lot, that was easy to pick up on. They ordered their food and started to talk about things. He was easy going and had good sense of humor. Lisa noticed, that he was swearing a lot as well. That was so not like him, or him like she thought she new.
'I am so fed up with the press and you know what fucking stories they plant all the time about me... - he looked angry one moment, - I wish I could tell things and clear everything up, but people don't buy good stories, they want something interesting. That is - you know - wacko Jacko is kissing some boys in his closet or something'
They were chatting about lots of things. Starting from his abusive father and his family in return she told few stories about her famous father and her mother who was a little nuts sometimes. And suddenly she felt something for him. She was staring into his deep beautiful eyes, his mouth. He was extraordinary, beautiful and she felt physical connection between them. They drank some wine and some more. After few hours she realized that she forgot to mention her new album. But she stopped herself. She will have time. She will definitely will use him, but not just now. At the moment she just wanted to kiss him, and hug him..
Evening ended in kiss. She didn't expected that at all. First, she was still technically married, second it was first meeting. But when he said goodbye before she got in to her car, Michael took her hand and really looked at her. He was really serious. Lisa looked back at him. Suddenly with no warning, he started to kiss her passionatelly. That took her by surprise, because she thought he was shy. But then, he was kissing her with such force. She felt like flying. His lips were soft and she felt his tongue slipping into her mouth.
When the kiss was over Michael said: 'I'm sorry I was so rude. But I couldn't resist your charm. Lisa, you are so beautiful. Your eyes sparkle and your lips are unbelievably sexy. I should say dangerous, but it would be like I am using my own song to seduce you. No it's not that. I never felt that way with anybody. You are my dream girl. Please, don't be mad at me for this kiss'.
Lisa just said: ' Stop explaining yourself - just kiss me again. '
And he did. After second kiss, the went to the hotel and made out. They both never said anything else. It was just pure passion. He undressed her and start kissing her breasts, all body. They were holding to each over like to sinking ships in the ocean. He entered her again with such a power but at the same time, he was so gentle. Lisa lost her breath he was so good. As if he new everything how to please her. She was screaming and twice she though she died and went to heaven. They both finished together, as one. They lay on the bad next to each other for a long time. Then Michael kissed her again on her forehead, her cheeks, her lips. She realized that she was so exited that barely looked at his body. He looked so fine she had to admit. His body was strong and slim. White but so hot. She put her hands around him and kissed him back.
'I never done this in my life Lisa, - whispered Michael. - You wouldn't believe, but it's true. I just couldn't stop myself tonight. You are so beautiful. Just look at you, you are perfect...
'You are perfect, Michael. I never done this before too. I could resist you. Just look in your eyes.... '
And again they were talking. Now about each other about how they felt. They were kissing, cuddling and then making love again and again.
Morning came and they had to say goodbye. He had some work to do and Lisa - meeting with her mother. She didn't want to meet her, but she had no choice. Priscilla will always has her way. She was always interfering into her daughters life and she thought she always knew all the answers.
This time, Lisa decided she will hide what happened with Michael from her.
Micheal and Lise agreed to meet very soon again. She couldn't wait.
2010-06-20 11:12
Į mėgstamiausius įsidėjo
Šią informaciją mato tik svetainės rėmėjai. Plačiau...
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2010-06-22 16:00
As paskaiciau ta jusu liet teksta apie Mykola... o lietuviskai rasydama kaip jauciates?
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2010-06-20 14:21
Man patiko.. Lakoniškai - su romantikos kvepaliuko lašu.
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Blogas komentaras Rodyti?
2010-06-20 11:19
Zinau, kad parasyta kiek nemoksiskai, nes niekad dar nebandziau rasyti anglu kalba. Truksta zodziu, ekspresijos. Bet buvo ikvepimas :) Visai suvaikejau matyt
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