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Alex Null Alex Null

Prelude to Death

Šis kūrinys matomas tik autoriaus namuose

The allies of thirst are around, but
It is snowing right besides where i am...
And slow, painful intoxications
Take me over...
Images flickering and screams turning into melodies -
My flesh dissolving in convulsions,
And my soul frozen still...
My demons have come for me...
The dust of mercy covers me lightly
And no vision or truth reaches their notion...
I should be thankful for what i am and was!
Normal and precise...

But my perception is overwhelmed by memory,
The moon is laughing at their vacuous fight...
The sudden erasure quenches my thirst of freedom...
Liberates me from the vapors and trepidation.
I might as well step away from existence now -
And fly for once, trusting the wind to be the drug
Suppressing any urge to fall...

The ground easily slips from underneath me,
I’m not even sure if it was there...
But where am I?
How much time ran past while i was floating still and invisible?
Starlight -
Let no arrogance of truth tear off my wings
And no arrow of reality touch my burning flesh...
No truth can synthesize it...

So am I the lie?
All substance and sense is laughing from me -
It’s as ironic as it is to love irony itself...
Anguished and agonizing becomes the moonshine fraught wind.
To see and to feel...
To dissolve and to disappear...
To fly and to escape...
To fall... To decay...
To become a slave of agony and a puppet to martyrdom -
Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust.
2007-07-03 12:11
Į mėgstamiausius įsidėjo
Šią informaciją mato tik svetainės rėmėjai. Plačiau...
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Balsų: 8 Kas ir kaip?
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2007-07-18 15:57
Dūgzti tyliai
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Geras Blogas
Blogas komentaras Rodyti?
2007-07-03 21:26
Alex Null
Miela iš jūsų pusės, ponas tilte ^^
Čia mano. Viskas mano xDD Jūs klydote.
Svaičiojimai - mano specialybė...
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Geras Blogas
Blogas komentaras Rodyti?
2007-07-03 21:16
Wow,nei komentariūkščio ir vienetukai,na...trūksta žodžių.man šis kūrinukas panašus į narkaškų svaičiojimus.savotiškai žavu.
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Geras Blogas
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2007-07-03 21:12
Labai geras eulėraštis.
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Geras Blogas

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