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What is the color of your eyes?
It's deepest place of Artic ocean
When sun is falling when moon rise
When our love between slow motion

What is the color of your smile?
The pearls from deep and widest ocean
When you away from thousand miles
And I am begging your promotion

To turn off voice to turn the light
I feel empyrean sound of thunder
Ant like a lightening shine so bright
From my first step you going under

What is the smell of yours blond hair
It shining like the fields of golden
When you still whispering – summer near
And snuggle gently with my shoulders

What is the color of your skin
She like white leather clean and tide
And I am whispering – let me in
Because there nothing place to hide

This big and trembling crazy world
Where is the light? Why you forsaken?
I’m in the crowd. Like father told
I’ll pray for you – your soul was taken
2022-09-21 17:08
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