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I am but a shadow that‘s crossing these lands
So light that my footprints won‘t stay on the sand.
My hound – a dark beauty – is trotting beside
And no lovely creatures would move in our sight.

One bleak summer‘s evening I  washed up ashore
And that was the year when they didn‘t get storms.
My hound, he has found me alone and stone cold,
He dragged me and fed me, and helped me get warm.

Were crossing the countries and cities unknown
Until we have reached one of greyish blue stone.
I danced in the gardens, I ran through the halls
Enough that no blue would be left on your walls.
I soon saw you sleeping alongside your queen,
Then I found your children – and both of them screamed.

My hound is now running, he‘s finding the way
I‘m leaping beside him for I cannot stay.
My fortune is done for, old demons are gone
And there’s no more vengeance or deeds to uphold.

I once was a birdie, I sang happy songs,
I looked for a partner who‘s cunning and strong.
I‘ve met a young captain – how charming was he!
His ship was the fastest as we sailed the seas.

One bleak summer’s morning a messenger came -
“Your queen is ashore, with your sons on the way”.
At first I was stupid, thought something’s amiss,
But you screamed and pushed me to sleep with the fish.

So now I am running, I’m scurrying away,
Three new marble gravestones are blocking your way.
And one day you’ll catch me and swing ‘bove the streets
My hound in your cellars will haul you to sleep.
2016-03-21 02:25
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