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The Meaning of Existence is To Write Subjectively
Man of Antics Always Had this Nightmare:
What, if a Messiah like Jesus will be born
What, if India, Egypt and the whole Western Civilization

What, if the Whole Planet will forget its Ancestry?
Albert Einstein was Right: Time is Relative
Everything is in the Eye of the Beholder
Dzhokonda is Beautiful to All Artists, Except

The Morphology of Gonzo Journalism is this:
Letters are Numbers, Belonging by Demarcation to
The Highest End Mathematics as Magnitude of
Magians, Diophantusians and Aristarchusians per their

Longing and Dread in Arithmetics and Geometry
Liberates the Meaning Problem Systematically and
Physiognomically from the Cultural Organisms
In Time Parabolas by Synchronicity of Duration, Tempo
And Style

Destiny is Casuistic, Incidental and Scientific
One Macrocosm --- One Rigid Soul of Death and Space
Imitative Divinity of Architecture is an Arabian Window
A Faustian and Apollonian Higher Order Through Renaissance

Anti-Gothic Baroque Colours as Golden and Silver Patinas
Verified of Hellenistic Portraitures by such Geniuses as
Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo through Classical Parallels
Impressionistic Vanquishers of Pergamum and Bayreuth as Smert

World-Soul Imagistic Will is an Inner Desire of Mythology
A Behavior-Character Drama of a Popuristic Day and Night
Esoteric as Ethical Astronomy and the Geographical Horizon
„Civilization\'s“ Socialism Dependent Upon Atomic Religion and

The God-Nature Feeling of Motion is a Nominal Atheistical Myth
The Physical Dogma of Force\'s Theoretical and Technical Development
Produces the Self-Destruction of a Final Stage of Dissolution
Of Two Souls --- the Writer and the Reader as a Formed

The Pseudomorphosis of the Communists\' Feudalism and Syncretism
The „pre-Cultures“ of Jews, Chaldeans and Persians before Yahve,
Graceful Heathens and Sacred World-Caverns of Cult-Churches
Consensually Agree, that Word is a Substance, a Group of Magian

Adom and Eve as a Bloody Rationalization Before the Entire Human Race
The Vesting Authority of the Bourgeoisie and the Traditional Theory
The Period of Contending States and Caesarism and Stateful Democracy
A Brutally Honest and Eco-Politonomic Life Without Money-Thoughts or...
2022-04-19 02:33
Į mėgstamiausius įsidėjo
Šią informaciją mato tik svetainės rėmėjai. Plačiau...
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Balsų: 3 Kas ir kaip?
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2022-05-30 19:47
bro aš nesupratau nei kūrinio nei komentarų lol :D
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Geras Blogas (1)
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2022-04-20 21:21
Vetra Vika
Šventa teisybė ir ji - tik viena:
,,....Viskas yra žiūrinčiojo akyse..."
Kam gal ir graži ,,Džiokonda", bet ,,Kvazemodas"- neaplenkiamas.
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Geras (1) Blogas
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2022-04-19 19:26
beveik nieko nesupratau. duodu 5
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Geras (1) Blogas
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2022-04-19 06:50
kam dar mongolidiškos frazės
ne mongolidų kilmės anos
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Geras (2) Blogas
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2022-04-19 06:45
Gioconda [dʒoˈkonda]
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Geras (2) Blogas
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2022-04-19 06:41
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Geras (2) Blogas

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