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Once upon, a blossom bloomed.
It's scent was that of dying wishes
And color - of decaying hopes.
A king had wished for this dark flower
To adorn his daughter's room.
For he believed the rumors told:
„If one can live with this death blossom,
Through their adolescence and youth,
Then they'll stand strong through life's abuse. „
And so the king commanded this:
„If you bring me the flower of legends,
I will shower you in gold and jewels. „
And all the kingdom searched and searched.
Eventually, a tiny girl found the flower
And brought it over to the kingdom's palace.
The flower was so vile and ugly
That none of the king's servants dared touch it.
But the girl had no trouble holding it at all.
And so the king asked the little girl:
„How can you hold such a wicked thing? „
„It's very simple, Your Majesty, „ the girl replied,
„This flower was my mother's favorite,
I couldn't bare to look at it with distaste,
Though giving it away is a tough choice as well. „
„Why was this flower her favorite? „ the king asked.
„Because it reflected reality best, „ the girl said,
„Or at least that's what mother used to say. „
The king nodded and said one final thing:
„Your mother must have been a gloomy woman,
If she believed life to be as vile as this flower. „
And the girl replied: „And you must be a vile king,
Wanting to torture your daughter with this blossom. „
The king dismissed the little girl,
And the flower was placed in his daughter's room.
Many years past, and the princess grew up.
She was as beautiful as morning dew,
And many suitors seemed to think so too.
Though as many men as stars in the sky
Lined the princess' door, she refused them all!
When asked by her father why she couldn't find a suitor,
The daughter responded:
„Dear Father, it is simply that I would like to marry a woman. „
„Why would you do that? Just look at all these fine gentlemen,
Surely one of them will suit your tastes. „
„No they will not, Father. I wish to marry a woman. „
The princess insisted.
„Alright then, „ said the king. „If you wish to marry a woman,
You must cast your title and myself aside.
You must leave the palace, and never dare tell anyone,
That you are my daughter. „
„As you wish, Father, „ and so the princess left the castle.
She traveled far and wide, but couldn't find her soulmate.
Everyone she came across seemed so bogged down
By life's troubles, that they could no longer see
The simple joys of life.
But one day, the young princess saw a girl working the fields,
She was smiling despite the harsh work,
And seemed as unbothered as a butterfly playing in the wind.
The princess called the girl over, and asked if she needed any help.
Surprised by the offer, the girl gladly accepted it.
From then on, they spent much of their time together.
Whether working in the fields or playing games,
They were always smiling together.
And one day, they made a promise.
To smile together for the rest of their lives.
The End.
2021-04-09 14:54
Į mėgstamiausius įsidėjo
Šią informaciją mato tik svetainės rėmėjai. Plačiau...
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2022-03-30 11:09
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2021-06-20 17:55
Is only the Beginning.
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Geras Blogas
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2021-04-09 15:14
Nature can not be replaced by any flower,
it is important the princess has found a neighbor to the soul.
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Geras Blogas
Blogas komentaras Rodyti?
2021-04-09 15:13
Prigimties negali pakeisti jokia gėlė, 
svarbu princesė rado sielai artimą.

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