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Reprimand and critique. They as if brothers of blood always go hand-in-hand.

They are brothers of pure chaste and strength, solid “camarades”, feeders and midwifes of vital importance concerning the real truth, dangerous enemies of mistakes, deficits and weaknesses… Two fortresses of global democracy, twin-patriots from the highest grade of love, with noble passion condemning the ballast of Man’s mighty Mind, at the same time with the calming jingle of the springs showing, how to put a more perfect decision cannon into the gun-carriage and load it with the mechanisms of anti-lies… This is the story of a pitiless justice armed-to-the-teeth.

(Author’s warning: further up in the text there are extremely open scenes about the double-dealers’ sneer from saint respectability of men, which may cause irreversible changes in one’s head and, more importantly, in the brain of the spine; with precision (more so, than ever) of visual, direct words and flashes of the bold there is no intent of creating epileptic fits in small children, not yet corrupted by violence, mockery and so on.)

“Know thy enemy! ” says the proverb as old as humanity itself. Our enemies – two-faces and scoundrels to whom without much hassle all volunteer perverts, neo-Nazis, terrorists, pimps, Vietcongians and Satanists could easily add up. They ambush us with their flattery as snow avalanches: unheard form somewhere beyond the horizon, beyond the clouds and with untamed screeching of the elements, hate, fear and nauseating self-satisfaction tumble on our unprepared minds, with a guaranty littering at least one meticulously isolated corner of our brightest desires and memories. What makes the matters worse, for them to make you lose your will to live, to leave a heavily healing wound, with certainty making a long series of visits to a psychoanalyst, is as easy as laughter. Later – unavoidable correction, therapy and lobotomy. The most talented bastards, driven by creative impulses, without disgusts even for those, which came truly not from the mind or the heart, as we know, can egoistically manipulate the very parts of the corners of the alien soul. For example, disgustingly methodically, armed with a powerful magnifying glass, they analyze to the smallest details the private life of man and virulentically kiss his bottom, until it colors itself with the hue of black dirt. Understand, when one ingratiates, the person thinks he is the belly-button of the world, to whom the heavenly azure gods submit, therefore, there is no initiative to progress, and the most favorite business becomes sitting on one’s arse. So, when one of the pair of eyes starts to squander with compliments, truly, they try to bring to your cog-wheels under your brain’s cortex shiny bombs in boxes with big present ribbons. By the way, know this: flat or virtuosic hypocrisy from the beginning can really be to your liking, but later the view can be compared to conditions of an Italian western, so it’s possible you will be dragged through the mud for several kilometers.

And it’s far from being it. Think about, how society would look, if people wouldn’t show each other’s mistakes. Without critique there would be no mutual understanding, permanent tolerance would prevail. For the lack of critique, the blood circulation would slow down, an inevitable stagnation and sickly symptoms would develop. Such harmony, calmness and peace would create favorable conditions for the emerging of a silent, absolutely solid, thick with compliments and cold respectfulness of a society. There would be no room for dishonesty, charlatanism, ignorance: everyone shaking from fear wouldn’t be able to pronounce the unmasking and wrathful word of justice, because society, wanting to preserve its piggish optimism, would try to liquidate them immediately. Society such as this wouldn’t be able of being called righteous. For truth feeds on critique, and not timeserving. Society such as this and its people inside of themselves would be like complete rotting mummies, which would fall apart to dust from the smallest movement of air. Pure, courageous, respectful truth would be too much of a thing for them; it would demand that, which one cannot be demanded of – to look with opened eyes straight into the eyes of the bitter truth, to look at each of themselves, to differ between real and not real in their own persons. No matter how unconvincingly it would sound, this kind of society would really be free, since in it there wouldn’t live they, the pretenders to intellectual cleanness – hard, demanding, stoic, heroic minds – those blank atheists, antichrists, moralists, nihilists, skeptics, effecters, the highest caliber of knowledge idealists, those in whom lives the conscience of intellect – they are not free minds yet, because they still believe in truth. And if by accident in this society a genius would be born, he would instantly, from the early childhood’s instilled opportunism by society, would lose his not yet nurtured talent, his desire to think in new ways, and would become a statistic hypnotic sinner, infantile perverse bastard, depressive egocentric, violent scoundrel or one, who desires, wants and can do nothing as a citizen – a clone of a destructive society. Along with criticism not only the ability to evaluate the external happenings, people, your own acts, would disappear, but also the morale, the consciousness and all for which the human is called human, would vanish as well. Metamotivational goals would languish, the lower-ones would return: food, sexual attraction, the instincts of killing and ruling. People would degrade into the level of an endlessly satisfaction craving level of animals, which would gather into communities, trying to be content and happy. Autarkic people would lose the sign of authenticity, and the sense of unsatiety would prevail over homo sapiens sapiens’ mind, maybe even in its use it for its own determined extinction.

Without a doubt, to slaughter a similar nation in an especially animalistic way – means to do mankind a solid service… But everyone dissimulates. There is no human, who hasn’t done it. Still there are people, who convert, who shed the mask (that crookedly malformed fox’s snout and that deformed horizontal half-moon’s hole of a mouth), becoming virtuous. Exactly because of that one cannot with a gleefully thrust out tongue to cut the scoundrel in half, completely uncovering the innards and loosening the intestines, or offhandedly to crush him with a car’s tire, ripping off the head and crushing it into a bloody gruel. Certainly, the most optimal weapon of mass destruction would be the nuclear war-heads. For what is better than a casual genocide? Only just the shooting of the demonstration dedicated to “fighters for peace”. This could be confirmed by any alert American-blooded land-trooper serving in the borders of Iraq.

When a reprimanded word disappears, with it disappears any justice and nothing can make a person’s life meaningful. So, to find the reason behind the displayed society’s extinction – it’s almost the same, as if to find a vaccine from it. That, as you’ve understood, is not a hefty ordeal. Hypocrisy. Yes, definitely it. Hypocritical adulation – a slavish hushing up, not saying, what you think about a person, an action or an event. My imagination’s extrapolated society – it’s a squelchy huge liner made from the rotten corpses of idiots, which’s diesels clatter on fuel with cheap praises, out of which chimneys smoke evil-doing and treacherous, uncontained desire to lie and please. This liner is hurting not as much humanity, as itself: threatening with each other’s sweet-talk, the two-facers clap with their back-to-front hands, which reek of putrid lying slime, and they shout from joy. In the amazing flattery of this ship, each citizens’ layer could find something warm, still steaming, tastily odorous, for himself. In any case, one cannot hide, that hypocrisy with fine calculation thrusts into all social livers, Adam’s apples and nervous limbs after a too much of a cute and a delicious honey-flavored compliment. All that is left is to curse in one’s thoughts marquise de Sade, Mussolini and the monastery’s turkey imitated by total scoundrels.

Now, my beloved ones, all these horrendous, unbearably alien mode-of-life realities lie upon your fragile shoulders. Therefore, think. Egg-headed flattery, leading to doom? Or maybe a sour injection of vinegar, giving the chance of perfecting oneself? The swill is yours, my dear ones! Just watch out, don’t choke on it.
2020-07-14 07:38
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