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Riversong Riversong

Lo part 7

Šis kūrinys buvo tarp savaitės geriausių

Dark room. Young Woman is laying on the floor, there is blood all around her. She is wearing a crown made of wild flowers. Every now and then she twitches as if of immense pain. We watch her for a while. Young Man appears from the dark corner. He approaches the woman. Young Man stares at the woman for a while then bends down. He starts plucking petals of her flower crown.

Young Man (Singing) Chernyy voron, chernyy voron, Chto ty v'yesh'sya nado mnoy?
Ty dobychi ne dozhdesh'sya, Chernyy voron, ya ne tvoy!

He stands up and takes a few steps to the side. Young Woman twitches a few times and wakes up.

Young Woman Sometime this pain is getting out of hand Have you a handkerchief?
I think my nose is bleeding
They say that dog gets used to being hanged I suppose I have no other option
The cold is easy one to overcome
The heat is trickier
But pain
Pain you can never get used to
However it cleanses you like nothing else could so you feel privileged You can not get use to it but you can feel
Feel clean and pure
It's all worth it
As if you being marked like all those saints There is this certain honour in this pain
Is that why you came?
You want to feel the privilege of my aches?

Her body is shaken by the tantrum of pain. Young Man approaches her and whispers something to her ear. Young Woman in the almost possessed manner suddenly stands up, jumps into his arms and kisses him. Young Man holds her for a breath second then throws her down to the floor. She crawls to her previous spot, Young Man takes few steps to the side.

It lets you see things
The beauty that usually wouldn't catch your attention
The peace that you crave now but usually are not intrigued by Have you ever seen this beauty with your own eyes?
I know that you didn't
That's why you stand there observing it through my torture
I don't mind
Really I don't
It's all yours for the taking

Young Woman yet again get's carried away by the tantrum of pain. It looks more intense this time. Young Man approaches her and whispers something to her ear. Young Woman jumps into his arms, kisses him. Young Man throws her down to the floor almost immediately. He takes a step to the side.

Sometimes it blinds me with light
Have you ever seen a light so bright that it goes through darkness like a sharpened knife through butter?
So smoothly yet pointlessly like the raindrop that traveled all this way from heavenly heights just to end up dead on your sweaty forehead
That is God
That is how it all is
Contradiction of all that is and never will be Worthlessly dancing
Bothering me

Young Woman gives a faint scream of pain. Young Man approaches her and whispers something to her ear. Young Woman jumps to his arms, kisses him and falls back to the ground. They are both still for a moment.

Have you a handkerchief?
I am bleeding
But you can't see because your eyes ware never open If you have never seen God than it can not exist Applies for devil too
They simply can not live without each other
Why then we should?

Young Man approaches Young Woman. He moves his hand from her feet to her head, gently touching her. When he reaches her head he violently takes the flowers crown and chucks it to the far corner. He stands up and starts walking, Young Woman gets up with sudden movement, runs to him and jumps into his arms, he throws her to the ground. She quickly gets up and jumps back to his arms, yet again he throws her away. This action is repeated many times, every time Young Man throws her more violently but that just brings out more persistence in Young Woman\'s movement. Lights starts to fade, the pattern of movement brings the couple almost off stage we see them do the movement one last time then they disappear backstage. Lights almost faded, we hear the sounds of the same movement coming from backstage. Darkness.
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