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Dark room. Young Woman is standing slightly off centre. She appears to be pregnant. Behind her we can see the silhouettes of four children. Old Woman enters.

Woman Did you check?

Old Woman I've done it earlier this morning. There were no signs of him

Woman The sea

Old Woman There was a storm last night.
Seaweed have covered the greater part of the beach, sands all wet and clumpy. You can tell it was a big one this time. Almost reached the dunes.

Woman Colours

Old Woman Neither nor
I assume we should not worry

Woman You assume wrong
Wouldn't you agree
We should do nothing else but worry

Old Woman I think you worry too much

Woman We are both not worried quite enough
You should go and check again

Old Woman They?

Woman They are waiting
I won't let them hear it unprepared they have to practise

Old Woman You are behaving in such manner as if that what won\'t suppose to happen have occurred already

Woman I am taking cautious actions
It is not getting better you know
Darker and darker by the day
Nine shades darker since last week
I can barely see my hands now let alone them

Old Woman Maybe you should stir the air a little

Woman I need to practise being still

Old Woman The thought of it being white

Woman Pass me the mirror
I need to see if they are keeping still

Old Woman finds a little mirror in her apron. She approaches the Woman

Woman Tilt
The other side
They moved!
Look I think they moved
Looks like they are shivering
Your hand
It’s shaking 
Hold it
Hold it still
I need to know if they are practising the being still
Anticipation in the hands older than the world is disordering the view there is no use

Old Woman Wish to watch them yourself

Woman I can not move that is the point

Old Woman But you won't move you will be moved

Woman I suppose you are right
Move me
And I am being still

Old Woman tries to turn the Woman. She struggles but succeeds after awhile.

Oh yes they are still so very still
You should go
Whisper it to me

Old Woman whispers something to her ear

And off you go
While she’s away and I am here standing still I can contemplate my stillness. Try to make it bearable, for the time being, because, as you well should, you are hoping for the best outcome and not just for you no no for everyone is it not utterly delightful when it all plans out like it should runs out like river flow and fills up the horizon and then she'll come back after stepping into white waters bringing back good news
I want to see
Could I see
How could I see (Pause)
Nothing is less bearable than the not knowing
The thirst that only offers the defeat
Still so perfectly still like made out of ice
All the virtues that's melting
And yet definitely not like a tree
Where is she
Where is she
Climbing over the dunes
With a grin on her face
Bringing back me news
But what about red?
What about it
I won't be looking
We could bet
Maybe I'll look
And here she is
Don't tell me
I feel
Already know

Pause. Lights starts to fade

They can't hear from you
Oh now they'll move
The thirst
The eagerness
All in favour of the knowing
Cover them in sand   
I can't say
Red or white
They wouldn't know
I would not
I could not
2019-08-01 02:22
Į mėgstamiausius įsidėjo
Šią informaciją mato tik svetainės rėmėjai. Plačiau...
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2019-08-01 10:01
Labai sudėtingas kūrinys, žinokite. Man, suprantama, ne iki galo suprantamas, tačiau nuotaiką jis turi - keliančią neaiškų nerimą ir, na, jei gerbiama apatinė komentatorė taip gerai įvertino, tai, suprantama, aš šiandien, po vakarykščių neaiškių situacijų su komentarais, nieko daugiau nebeįterpsiu...nors tos moterys ir jų atskleidimas ir lieka ne iki galo aiškus man.
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Blogas komentaras Rodyti?
2019-08-01 05:12
perskaičiau kaip sugebėjau, įtraukia šis scenarijus savo švelnia prietema, dialogų subtilumu ir vėl pagalvojau apie dvitaškius po personažų įvardijimu, kitus ženklus ir kad turbūt sąmoningai to vengiate
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