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The world is setting standards, rise and fall intervals, counting the number of hungry nations and emissioned quantity of food. Wherever you turn there is overweight, poor diet, lack of activity and above all there are these hilarious fatties with insatiable palate. In fact, we do not necessarily have to look like fat and toxins bombs, so we would finally pull up and understand that we are standing on the edge of a cliff – we are progressively voracious, and who knows when we will eat it all around. You see, chocolate and fried chicken do not interest proud big-bellied users any longer. Lately it has been savoring friendship, sincere conversations, glorious deeds and … love. That\'s right, love. The one for which most famous writer Shakespeare sacrificed Romeo and Juliet lives, likewise Prince Salim declared war on his own father, the same love Jesus Christ chose to sacrifice for the sake of the entire world. Well, nowadays, it is huddled into the throat like a cheap desert by confused lads and let us say mature grown-ups.

Afrer all, we do not read books, but sit on a couch watching mind-numbing, spirit crushing TV shows better, we exist, but do not live, prattle, but never listen. No wonder that a developed Homo Sapiens brain does not find the definition of love, but instead we perfectly point out some delicious dish and at least three “fatless“ desserts. It is therefore easy to conclude that the values ​​like love will soon be included in the fast food recipes list and like a smoke wiped off the face of the earth.

Flour is bitter for a replete mouse - speaks French folk wisdom. I am sure that most of us have heard that we are unhappy due to a comfortable life, abundance and wealth. So, while having more than enough, we do not appreciate the real taste. I hasten to sustain such principles, otherwise there is no end to such boundless of „GIVE ME MORE“! This gives some hope to a blind society, which has been excessed with democracy, technology and cheap pink postcards and now getting sick of such clichés like love and marriage. We slyboots did not give up easily for such a slap in the face of wealth life: we created new expressions of love: friends with benefits, sugar daddies, non-binding sex and many more areas to replace worn love. However, when the humankind will get used to new forms of love, we will remain to be those saturated mice which do not like a thing.

So, love is more like a juicy burger in a fast food restaurant: it behaves inappropriately, looks for benefits, gets angry and does not forgive, does not believe… This feeling, which sees a light in our heart and unites families, communities and nations, is easily discussed and champed by teenagers armed with stereotypes or by depression stricken adults. Youth  prove their love at first sex with no sense of shame, but not in words, help or respect. Their parents divorce, share property, children, memories, then they drown in alcohol or strangers\' armful for half-year romance . But is that really what we can still call love? Is only the feeling, you experience in love, the only and the most important? But what about cognition, behavior, respect? Ričardas Pagojus, famous Lithuanian writer, once said: “For love to grow it is not enough to remain sensual, shiver or faster heartbeat, it requires certain qualities of character: patience, respect, attention, security, trust, confidence, hope and faithfulness. ” So, perhaps we never did understand what love is, we desire for it so much that we see love where it does not even exist. Possibly, we hurry to love, but as soon as one frustrated, we immediately look for a replacement, whis is improper, injurious, completely fake…

I understand that perhaps a hundred years ago we had to rush to work as an eye burned, since it depended on whether to die of hunger or not. We have to keep up and now, because the world is so unstable. However, sometimes we can stop, look back and enjoy what we have reached, look around if someone else needs some help to get up and possibly set right the error: to finally collect the rubbish left on the earth, to apologize to those that have been hurt by us, to honor those who died for us. Agree with me or not, but life is no longer a race, now it is the reconstruction of what we have destroyed.

Thus, such analogy of love and food really encourages to squat in a corner and regret or even injure yourself, but you can always call other bell strokes to people’s hearts. After all, we live as we eat, but because whilst living we have an opportunity to love.
2018-08-01 23:37
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2018-08-02 14:49
`on this text
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Geras Blogas
Blogas komentaras Rodyti?
2018-08-02 14:48
There are so many grammatical errors, that I wouldn't even bother to point all of them out without a payment. I will be very strict on text, as I always am when reading didactics.

1) You were born into a rich family, seemingly, and you're spoiled enough to care about people that are totally unrelated to you and problems that do not touch you at all. If you had faced any actual problems, there'd be no time left for that.

2) Communism has never worked, and it never will, since a global communist system (the only one that could theoretically work) is always susceptible to greed.

3) Moral arguments are always a logical fallacy.

4) While religion is useful, it is obsolete when it comes to this particular topic.

5) No, this analogy does not make people injure themselves. What makes people injure themselves is excess of pleasures (be it financial, moral, or what not) and external brainwashing. Ever noticed that people from poor families (I mean actually poor, 10 children that share their clothes) never self harm?

6) The problem here is not the environment, and not even the concept of mankind itself, the problem here is surplus of requirements, and a lack of gratitude.

7) Depression is a made up illness and does not exist.

Basically, the entire text is very hypocritical, as you complain about people being spoiled and malformed, while presenting yourself as such in the process. Freudian analysis shows that you, like most people, put too much care to things you don't have, instead of choosing to be proud of what you have. For example, I could choose to be sad over not being particularly intelligent, or not owning a car at the age of 40. Instead I choose to be proud of what I actually have, a loving family and a hot ass body.

This is a matter of attitude, nothing more. God bless you, my friend (:
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Geras (1) Blogas
Blogas komentaras Rodyti?
2018-08-02 01:34
And that is it
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Geras Blogas

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